Dealing with loss
Wissam is one of the most compassionate and patient practitioners I have experienced in my 10 years of healing. After the sudden death of my life partner some 2 years ago, I was lucky enough to meet Wissam and be guided through a journey of letting go of that part of me that could not or would not let go of Sam. The process was transformational and the healing continued over a number of days. What I experienced during the actual session is beyond words, was unique to me, yet fully understood by Wissam. So many facets to this healing work and Wissam's attention and consideration was beyond comparison. I strongly recommend you put your trust in this man and allow him guide you towards whatever it is you are needing.
Jaz Goven, EFT Practitioner & Trainer, Bangkok, Thailand

Self acceptance
Wissam helped me with his Regression sessions to work on my past, which helped me to sort some issues like insecurity, group pressure, forgiveness and anger, just to name some. He helped me accepting myself the way I am which previously was difficult to me. He has taught me to forgive myself and others. I realised I was holding onto a lot of anger and pain and helped me release it. Through past life and current life regressions I was able to understand certain patterns of behaviour and so being able to work on them. Wissam has changed my life so much as to be unrecognisable. Wissam is a powerful healer and teacher with amazing strength and sensitivity.
Tania, Switzerland

From the age of 15 I suffered with bulimia. Although I had not made myself sick for more then 10 years before I started my sessions with Wissam, I still had a low self esteem. Especially to do with my body, and thoughts of wanting to punish myself and make myself throw up. Since I was having such successful results with Wissam on other issues such as insecurity, anger and a snake phobia, I agreed to work on this deep seeded issue of my body, although I thought nothing would change, as this was part of who I have been for over 20 years. After just 4 sessions I started to loose weight and to enjoy working out. This made me feel so alive and beautiful. Through these sessions my thoughts and beliefs about my body have completely changed to my amazement. The effect on my life has been dramatic and I am now very happy and comfortable with my body which I thought impossible a short while ago. After several months I still keep loosing weight and getting fitter. I am so grateful to Wissam for his tremendous help in my life and his compassionate and sensitive approach in guiding me through my challenges. Wissam is the best that could have happened to me.
Jane, London

Public Speaking
Wissam is a wonderful, kind and caring hypnotherapist and uses a wide variety of techniques to help. In my case it was some Inner Child work and we found that during my childhood and throughout my life that I had always held back and didn't speak up about things as I didn't want to upset anyone. This had a detrimental effect on me as I didn't feel I could speak my own truth. I wanted to share some beneficial knowledge to empower others by public speaking and sharing knowledge gained over the years which could also progress my career.

A s we worked together Wissam helped me to change the past which then changed my whole outlook on my future. During the session, after Wissam worked his 'magic', I could see myself in front of an audience and feeling really comfortable with it. This has now actually happened. My first talk was in front of an audience of twenty five to thirty people, my second talk, thirty five to forty people and I've also recently given a workshop. I am now looking to talk in front of bigger audiences! My career has really taken off and I can't thank Wissam enough for the fabulous work he did. Thank you so much Wissam.
Linda, Wales

My session with Wissam revolved around the issue of my anger outbursts, which had hurt a number of people close to me, so I wanted it resolved. Wissam worked with me and it became evident that a spirit attachment, who had been with me for many years, was increasingly venting his anger through me. He worked thoroughly and with sensitivity to help the energy return to the light. I now feel completely liberated and able to let the love shine through, and that is in great part down to Wissam's therapy skills. Since the session I haven't had any anger outbursts. Thank you so much.
Ian, Bournemouth

Life Between Lives
I must admit that the idea to completely surrender myself to somebody I didn't know was a little scary at first. But as soon as I met Wissam, I new I had nothing to worry about and trusted him a 1000%. And I am so happy I did: Wissam took me to places and spaces I had never imagined before. Thanks to him, I went to that time between lives and this experience was life changing: it opened a new level of consciousness in me. The only thing I can say against Wissam is that he left Bangkok and that I am missing our sessions! Come back soon!
Veronique, Thailand