Stop Smoking

The thought of quitting smoking can be daunting for many people. Especially if you have smoked for a long time or you are not sure you will succeed to stop smoking. Perhaps you have quit before only to start again. Or you may feel cigarettes have been with you for so long it is like losing an old friend.

Well, a life free from smoking is a life of freedom. Better health, more money in your pocket, no need to worry if you have enough left for the rest of the night, no more being judged, no more bad breath and stinking clothes. No more huddling outside in the freezing cold just to get a fix!

Hypnotherapy helps you to change the belief running in your subconscious mind from 'I am a smoker' to 'I am a non smoker.' In many ways it is as simple as that. I guide you into trance and access the part of you that creates the beliefs about yourself. This part is updated into the one you are now ready for, being a non smoker.

Hypnosis has been recognised by the British Medical Council as the most effective way to give up smoking. The most important consideration is whether you are determined to stop smoking forever. This can be a worrying thought as perhaps cigarettes have been with you for many years. This is a common feeling and hypnosis really helps you to feel very differently about your relationship to tobacco.

Hypnotherapy works like an amplifier for your motivation and your will power. When you really want to do something, such as giving up smoking, then hypnotherapy can boost your motivation and the power of your will, all the way up to the level that you need to succeed.

Ultimately it is you that stops smoking and hypnotherapy makes it much easier. You will be peacefully relaxed and aware of what is going on during the whole session. In fact, many clients report this is a relaxing experience and by the time the session is completed, you may find that the desire to smoke has mysteriously vanished.

The appointment lasts for approximately 2 hours and costs £150, which is about a months supply of cigarettes for many people. This includes the stop smoking reinforcement CD which you will be given at the end of the session. You may play this at any time to reinforce your commitment to remain a non-smoker forever.

Once we book an appointment I will e-mail you a questionnaire which you can return to me prior to the appointment. Then smoke your last cigarette before you come and prepare to enjoy life as a non smoker forever.

When I stop smoking, will I gain weight?
This question comes up very often. Some people may have stopped smoking in the past, using willpower or some other method, only to replace smoking with snacking. However what I do in the stop smoking session is help you transfer the satisfaction that you may have had from smoking to something that is better for you, perhaps drinking more water or doing exercise. Also, you will be given powerful suggestions in hypnosis that there will be no increase in your appetite on becoming a non smoker. This allows you to become a non smoker without gaining weight.