Current Life Regression and Inner Child Therapy

“If you react strongly to an interaction with someone, it is usually a sign that an old issue has been triggered.” Cathryn L. Taylor, The Inner Child Workbook.

How would you know whether Current Life and Inner Child Therapy will benefit you?
If you have challenges with confidence, relationships, anger and sadness or if you have a recurring 'negative' reaction to a specific issue, then you are likely to find great benefit from this work. From my experience, many clients report their unwanted feeling either disappearing completely or find significant reduction in their intensity after only a few sessions.

Why is Therapy benificial?
During the first 7 years of life we are like sponges, absorbing all we see, what we are told and we form our personalities to become who we are today. It is during this time that many of our beliefs are formed, programmed into our subconscious mind. Some of these beliefs may be positive and others may be responsible for feelings that result in pain, sadness and suffering. Today as adults, we may be unaware what many of our old programmed beliefs are, especially the ones holding us back and causing us pain and suffering.

An example of programming the subconscious mind.As small children we form our beliefs about ourselves very early on. So, let's look at phobias as they work in much the same way, they are programmed subconscious responses to a situation. Say a child is stuck climbing a tree and experiences extreme fear. This fear will be stored in the subconscious mind and a new belief will be created linking fear to heights. If anything similar is experienced, even as an adult, this fear will be triggered. So years later, the adult may be standing on a high balcony or bridge and once again be terrified even though logically they know they are safe. Again, logic and willpower does not seem to ease the fear as it is triggered through a subconscious belief. However, using current life regression and inner child therapy, this memory can be accessed and the old belief can be changed to a new belief that is empowering thereby curing the fear.

In the same way, this is true for old beliefs about ourselves that were formed while we were children. These can be any beliefs from low self esteem and sadness to anger and relationship issues. Whatever these old beliefs, they can be accessed and changed dramatically improving your quality of life. For example, if someone was struggling in a relationship, they may have an old belief that 'I am not loveable'. In the safety of hypnosis using regression, the root of this belief is discovered and changed to a new positive belief thereby transforming the quality of life for the individual. In addition, it is possible to introduce new positive beliefs that would improve our lives such as confidence, strength, determination and whatever else is appropriate.

How Does it Work?
Current Life and Inner Child Therapy works by reprogramming the sub-conscious mind by going to the source of the belief and replace it with a positive and empowering belief. Once the new positive belief is firmly fixed into the subconscious mind, feelings of strength, joy and peace are experienced in more and more situations throughout life. It can be intriguing to see what these beliefs are and how they were formed, whether as adults, young children, or even while still in the mother's womb.

The good news is, by visiting the subconscious memory, using Hypnosis and current life regression, we can explore how this subconscious belief was formed, and transform the memory to a new one that is empowering. It is a simple and safe process, often resulting in powerful life changing experiences returning peace and well being to our life.

How Many Session Do I Need?
People with specific emotional issues may need more that one session. Usually a big change will be noticeable in their lives after between 1 to 3 sessions. People suffering with depression may notice feeling much better after just a few sessions. Clients suffering from a lack of confidence have suddenly found themselves more outgoing and really enjoying life. Many phobias can be shifted in just one 2 hour session. The number of sessions will be assessed on an individual basis depending on the nature of the issue.

I would be honoured to hear from you whether you have any questions to how your specific situation can be improved, or for an informal chat.